Consignment Details

Consignment Details

When are consignments accepted?
Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
M-F Preview & Process (Must stay in the store for this option)
Saturday – Drop & Run ONLY (Items that cannot be accepted are automatically donated & donation receipts given upon request)
(Appointments only necessary for more than 50 items)

Want items back if we can’t consign them?
Simply stay in the store while we preview your consignment and we’ll be happy to return them to you. (Not available on Saturdays). If you’d rather drop your consignment and run, we will simple donate any items we are unable consign to local charities and donation slips available upon request.

Want the best consigning experience?
Bring your items in clean, wrinkle/odor/smoke/pet hair free and on hangers. This means items are ready for our sales floor and can be processed quickly and efficiently to get you earning money on your consignment, faster! We do not accept bags or boxes, often times, many of these items are donated due to wrinkles.

What do you accept?
Current styles-5 years or newer; If it’s in your closet, we take it! (excluding swimwear & undergarments)

What season are you taking?
Fall/Winter – Aug-Jan; Spring/Summer – Feb-July

Is there anything you don’t accept?
Brands from K-Mart, WalMart, Target, Payless, Sleepwear, and Swimwear

How much do I receive?
Get a check- 40% ; Use it as store credit- 50%. Consignors may receive up to 60%-70% for high end items. We deduct an annual $10 membership fee from your account, once you’ve consigned 10 items

How long are items on the sales floor?
Up to 90 Days. At the end of 90 days, items are displayed for a one day sale, in which the consignor receives 25%. Remaining items are donated. Donation slips available upon request

Your account balance is available to view at your convenience at